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You are innovative, trying to develop new services, products or processes......
or radically reducing costs

You know what’s needed... but ...

making that change happen is proving to be difficult

Even when things do happen, the result rarely turns out how you’d wanted it to.

There must be a better way.

Over 80% of strategic change fails* because projects are launched before the strategy is sufficiently developed. *Concept Shape Research

Concept Shape Ltd is an independent management consultancy firm. Working as a freelance, experienced strategic change consultant Ian Morton works with executives and senior teams to 'operationalise' business strategies - to broaden the initial thinking, clarify proposed solutions and build a strong foundation for change.

A pragmatic approach delivers:

  • Reduced business risk and cost - through better clarity of solution design
  • Reduced transformation risk and cost - through better pre-change preparation

Through a structured process:

  • Building solutions using analytical and systematic thinking
  • Developing a comprehensive framework for the delivery of solutions
  • Building a robust plan
  • Designing a pragmatic implementation timeline
  • Aligning the leadership team
  • Building the trust of the management team
  • Creating a sustainable platform for change