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Here is what recent clients have said in quality reviews.

"... brings lateral thinking to our problem and help us design a solution that was accepted by all key stakeholders ... a combination of consulting skills, business performance experience and stakeholder management expertise was what separated them from other consultants we have worked with ... delivered tangible value to our business".

Head of Service, Professional Services, 2015

"... it felt like a two way street where my thoughts and aspirations became a fundamental part of the design... Ian brought the benefit of experience elsewhere which helped us to avoid otherwise inevitable pitfalls .... Ian has a very personable style knowing when to drive home a requirement and when to let a situation breathe ... experienced in many sectors, and both adapted to our sector's particular idiosyncrasies quickly, whilst providing valuable 'cross sector' insights ... Ian is intelligent, bright, keen and energetic. He will set the plan with your team, adapt and monitor it and close it out."

Regional Chairman, Construction, 2014

"... as well as bringing a structured approach he developed relationships with people which allowed him to challenge, push in a constructive way to get things done and not allow time slippage ... if it were not for Ian we would have struggled to deliver the plan ... his experience helped us avoid the pitfalls ... helped us to stay focussed."

HR Director, Construction, 2014

".. .ability to morph into the culture of our business ... engaged with hearts and minds ... vigour and strong focus ... saving 9% of total overhead costs ... pleasure to work with ... focused and supportive"

HR Director, Food Retail, 2014

"... achieved a huge amount in a short time .... laid the foundations for improving efficiency and processes ... "

Analyst, Education Sector, 2013

"... an accomplished management consultant with extensive industry experience in a variety of sectors ... brings a pragmatic approach to business strategy with a very personal/human touch! .....intrinsic business acumen, combined with a strategic analysis mindset always provides a value-added service with creative and high-performance solutions ...

Managing Director, Shipbuilding, 2012

"... has brought shape and structure at Board level ... fact base approach ... a great support in a phase of change ... creativity to tackle sensitive topics ....

Procurement Director, Consumer Goods, 2012

"... very supportive, dedicated and encouraging ... extensive experiences in change management bring clarity and simplify complex business changes that deliver results ... strong business acumen, analytical thinking ... valuable insight on transforming corporate strategic change ... a very fruitful and enjoyable experience ... strongly recommend to any organisation looking to improve and CHANGE their business for the better!

Manager, High Tech, 2012

"... critical to the timely and high-quality outcome of a Shared Services project .... structured approach to timings and deliverables helped us to accomplish the task against a very tight schedule and with constrained resources....... proven to be able to work within our multi-national, cross-cultural organization..... added value by being able to integrate projects into the wider transformation initiative to ensure proper interaction with the rest of the work-streams and synergy benefits...... highly recommend for multi-national, complex projects

Finance Director, Consumer Goods, 2012

"... highly dedicated and detailed .... business and project management acumen is beyond imagination... will recommend for any project ... capable of delivering a multi-billion dollar project on time, with quality and with high acceptability

Engineering Leader, Telecommunications, 2012

"... creativity brought different patterns of strategic thinking & planning ... created the right direction to enable the emerging business adapt ... stressed that strategic execution has the greatest impact on a company's success ... time perfecting the business opportunity strategy, ensuring planning and execution was done

Business Development Director, High Tech, 2011

"... worked on a significant change programme in our business .... led a team on a highly challenging, politically sensitive and critical programme ....... an excellent consultant - thoughtful, measured, a strong facilitator ..... very experienced in how to get senior teams to coalesce around strategic initiatives ........ recommend to future clients ... hope to work again on new projects.

Vice President, High Tech, 2010

"... came into my project part way through to provide an outside view of the business and help develop the idea into a tangible reality....... performed superbly giving me new and valuable insights and helping to develop practical answers to the issues preventing progress. Better than 99% of the consultants I have ever used"

CEO, Electronics Distributor, 2010

"... brings a great balance of experience, analytical thinking and an ability to work with people to really make things happen"

CEO, Professional Services, 2009

".... supported our business in a locum Project Management role..... approach and competence allowed to quickly engage with a range of complex, sector specific issues.... was able to clarify and simplify issues and work with a broad span of professionals to deliver a wide range of demanding deliverables..... reflective approach was helpful to others, including myself, in thinking more broadly but succinctly about the issues we needed to address."

Engineering & Logistics leader, Aerospace, 2009

".... led a challenging project .... skills in facilitation and programme strategy to unite several major organisations working in consortium to create a single approach for a complex change programme

Manager, IT Outsourcing and Shared Services, 2008

".....immensely experienced, innovative, affable and very comfortable at board level .... brings immediate impetus and traction to any strategic programme or initiative ..... advice and support has helped to get real business results .... "

".... was able to bring structure and clarity into a highly complex environment.... leading business partners to make informed decisions regarding approaches that would enable successful implementation..... achieved this with a minimum of fuss facilitating a smooth working environment."

Engineering & Logistics leader, Automotive, 2008

".... dedicated, reliable, professional ..... a unique blend of communication, business and people skills ..... innovation, change and transformation ....... inspiring and empowering to work with .... punctual, exceptional project management skills..... a guarantee for any desired outcome

Business Leader, High Tech, 2007

".... is a fine business strategy and policy analyst and an effective executive hard, stays the course and keeps his word."

Chairman, Professional Services, 2007